Papillon Hotels

Conditions of Use

The Conditions of Use explain the information we collect, how we use this information, how using this information makes the website more efficient and creates advantages for your relationship with us, the measures we take to protect the information, with who and for what purposes we share this information and the choices you can make regarding our use of this information. 
To provide access to the services and products offer, PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA; manages the website either directly or by means of its affiliated companies or service providers. This website may request or collect information that may be considered personal in order to improve your website experience or to provide you with your user information.

The Information we Collect

As PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA, we collect information about our guests and visitors of our website to provide better services to our guests and visitors.
The purposes to collecting this information can involve:

  • Make reservations and respond to information requests,
  • Purchase products or services,
  • Register to programme membership,
  • Make a job application,
  • Respond to correspondence we have sent (for example, surveys, campaign offers or reservation confirmations),
  • Providing your personal preferences,
  • Working with third party sources to understand your interests including collecting public information for social networks to assist in providing you with improved service,
  • Using our applications on your electronic devices,
  • Update your contact information including your address, or
  • Facilitating communication with your friend's e-mail address upon your request.

Personally Identifiable Information (sometimes referred to as ("PII") includes your name, home, work and e-mail addresses, telephone number, GSM number, date of birth and gender or information to provide your room preference, information on your lifestyle such as spare time activates, the names and ages of your children and special requirements (for example, health conditions that require special rooms).
PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA can also collect Personally Unidentified Information, for example, your usage of websites, your communication preferences, your travel habits, information collected about your accommodations and responses to campaign offers and surveys.
To provide better protection for your information, please take note that you should not enter your credit card information while electronically communicating unless required from you especially to make a reservation or carry out a process on reservation websites or customer relations centres that bear our brand.

Purpose of Collecting, Processing and Disclosing

Collecting and Using

PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA provides users information regarding the collection and usage of "PII" for visitors and users of our website, products and services who have given information or whose information has been collected and does not collected information unless necessary.
The purposes of collecting PII involves the below:

  • Providing service for performing a process (for example, making reservations, responding to information requests or completing product orders),
  • Marketing and communicating products and services provided by PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA, our strategic marketing partners and other reliable third parties,
  • Carrying out market research using surveys to provide better responses to your needs, improving the efficiency of our websites, your hotel experience, our various communication methods, advertisement campaigns and/or promotion activities.

You cancel receiving marketing e-mails and PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA surveys by clicking on the "Cancel Membership" link at the bottom of the relevant correspondence and contact us directly to choose not to participate in direct marketing, telemarketing, e-mails or surveys.  You will always be given the choice not to share your Personally Identifiable Information or to cancel which messages you do not wish to receive from us. However, this choice may effect some procedures. For example, your reservation will not be carried out unless you provide your name.

Processing and Disclosure

The information you provide are mostly entered in a local or global database. Your Personally Identifiable Information may be required to be shared with PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA associates, the hotels in PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA's organisation and/or third party service providers in Turkey and abroad while processing within the scope of the purposes listed in this Confidentiality Agreement. As per laws and/or unless the process prevents or limits the situation, PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA's affiliates, associates and hotel owners may be required to observe similar confidentiality requirements regarding your personally identifiable information. As a general rule, PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA does not sell, rent or physically deliver your Personally Identifiable Information to independent third parties not within its organisation.
The situations when PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA may disclose your information to others involves:

  • When we have received your consent to,
  • In situations when it is necessary to share or disclose your information to provide the products or services (for example, a holiday package) upon your request,
  • When companies or service providers working on behalf of PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA require the said information (for example, processing credit cards, customer support services, carrying out market research or database management services),
  • When access to your personally identifiable information is required for an hotel or another company is disengages from the PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA organisation or to facilitate commercial transactions or to perform agreement liabilities,
  • If PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA merges with another company or is purchased by another company,
  • To abide by laws in force, to a court decision or demand, to legal or regulation requirements or liabilities,
  • Emergency cases such as to protect someone's life, heath or property,

If your information is shared as stated above, we try to limit the scope of the information required for carrying out a specific procedure. We require third parties to protect your personally identifiable information and abide by confidentiality laws and regulations in force, unless legal processing require otherwise.


As part of our commitment to provide you with information, we can contact by letter, e-mail, telephone or other means to inform you of new PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA products and services or coming up offers, events, upgrade chances and other information about PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA that may interest you. You may also receive mail or other correspondence from carefully selected third parties. We offer you the option to cancel one or all of PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA messages by following the instructions given in the PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA e-mails or other messages or by contacting PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA directly.
If you are a member of PRM 360o (Loyalty Programme), you can change your contact preferences by updating them on your member profile.
We want to provide information to all of our guests and visitors and for them to equally benefit from the opportunities provided by PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA and our strategic marketing partners. However, if you live outside of Turkey, there may be some data confidentiality regulations that require getting your permission before we send you information that you have not requested.
Some conditions involve you providing us with indirect permission depending on the requested service or procedure being carried out. For example, PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA can collect and use the personally identifiable information that you have voluntarily provided or the behavioural data or information collected in total. You will also be considered to have given permission for our messages required to perform the processes you requested.
We will sometimes require for you to give your express consent when we collect information considered sensitive (for example, information that may describe race or ethnic roots, political views or health conditions) according to some data confidentiality regulations.
You can object to PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA disclosing your PII to third parties in situations other than those listed below:

  • Service providers keeping this information to provide service on behalf of PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA,
  • When it is legally required to make a notification,
  • When disclosure involves national, legal or public interest,
  • Disclosure being necessary to protect the vital interests of the guest,
  • The information having been collected from sources made public,
  • Retrospective processing of disclosed information for historical, statistical purposes or to enhance the guests' experience, or
  • Permission given by an authority allowed to inspect disclosure (for example, Confidentiality Superintendent or a similar authority).

Access to Personally Identifiable Information

We recommend that you regularly review and update your information accordingly so that your personally identifiable information is correct and current (for example, if your home or e-mail address changes or adding an additional way to contact you). If you are a PRM 360o programme member, you can review and update your membership profile on our website. If you are not a PRM 360o programme member, you can send an e-mail to  to review and update your personally identifiable information. Please note that we may ask for evidence of identification (or other identifying materials) attached to the e-mail you send in order to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of your personally identifiable information.
After you have reviewed your profile, we will try to carry out your request to cancel your PRM 360o programme member profile or update your personally identifiable information on time, if you wish so. Sometimes the information you want deleted may be stored in some files for a specific time in order to correctly solve disagreements and solve problems. This information may also be stored in auxiliary systems or logs for an indefinite period of time due to technical problems or financial or legal requirements. Therefore, understand that all your personally identifiable information cannot be removed from our databases all the time upon request.
Please take note of the contact information below to update your contact preferences, abandon our marketing lists or to contacts us for a question or request.

Security Measures

PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA is aware how important information security is and constantly revises and improves its technical, physical and logical security rules and procedures. All PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA websites and servers have security measures that help protect your personally identifiable information against accidental loss, misuse, illegal or unauthorised access, disclosure or change while under our control. Even though "guarantee of security" is not feasible for both the internet and otherwise, we use protect your information by employing appropriate administrative, management and technical measures such as password controls, "firewalls" and 256-bit coding based on Class 3 Digital Certificate and developed by VeriSign Inc. This makes it possible to employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a coding method that helps prevent this information from being learned and hacked while it is being transferred.

Online Technologies

PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA and third party marketing partners may use cookies, invisible pixels and web beacons while you are visiting our websites. Cookies are very small text files that are sent from the web server to your browser and stored on your computer's hard disk. PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA's cookies place a unique identifier on your computer that will be your ID each time you visit PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA's website.
Cookies were developed to help you save time by providing you with personalized usage without you having to remind us of your preferences each time you visit our website. PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA cookies are not designed to harm your files and cannot read the other files on your computer's hard disk.
Cookies can also help provide you the below personalized online experience:

  • These cookies remind us your user name and password when you visit the website in the future, allowing easier and faster access.
  • Cookies allow providing you with the most suitable framework and content.
  • Enable us to provide you with all the information you request.

PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA cookies are only limited to our websites; they are not designed to track you while browsing after you have closed PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA websites. We keep track of how you use our websites to respond to your needs better and help you locate the information you are looking for in the future. Please keep in mind that PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA cookies may be stored in hard disks of other third parties. PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA is shall not be held liable of the presence or absence of third party cookies or the technologic capacity or applications affiliated with third party cookies from third parties.
You can set your browser to accept cookies if you choose to use them. You can configure your browser depending on which one you use so that:

  • You are asked if you want to use cookies or not each time or
  • You can disable your browser from accepting all cookies.

Please contact your internet browser developer for detailed information about cookie security. However, understand that blocking cookies may affect some procedures on our website or prevent us from remembering your browser during each visit.
PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA sometimes uses invisible pixels, also called web beacons, to count how many visitors have viewed the page. Information collected from the invisible pixels are used and reported together and do not contain personally identifiable information. PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA can use this information to develop marketing programmes and improve its content.
Furthermore, we collaborate with vendors and marketing partners in order to help us to provide you with advertisements and personalised content which we think might interest you. Among these vendors and other partners are advertisers, advertisement agencies, advertisement networks, viewer segment providers, data transmitters, analytical providers and similar. These partners and vendors use cookies and web beacons to gain information about your online activity while you are on the PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA site or other web sites in order to offer you personalised content and advertisements (for instance, on PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA web sites or web sites and pages of third parties which you may be visiting).        
For instance, if you use the PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA web site to have a look at one of our hotels or to book a room you may see our advertisement when you visit a different web site. Also, we may collaborate with these vendors in order to forward our advertisements to consumers who may have shown interest in travel with other online activities outside the PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA web sites. In other cases we make specific arrangements with carefully selected advertisers whom we think our web site visitors may be interested in. We permit these advertisers to deliver messages to consumers who have visited our web site which have been branded together directly (for instance, PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA and advertiser). These advertisements which have been branded together can be viewed on PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA web sites or third party web sites.               

Links to Other Web Sites

In order to forecast your needs, PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA shows links to other web sites (such as social media sites) to provide ease-of-use and to be informed. PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA is not responsible for any content offered or mentioned on independent web sites including but not limited to assertions regarding advertisement or marketing implementations. Remember that PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA will protect your data on the web site of PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA or web sites operating under this name, however we do not control web sites and are not responsible for privacy policies of third parties such as independent franchise areas, hotels, holiday villages, property owners of time shares, including third party web sites owning venues who use the brand PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA, or web sites which are not controlled or authorised by PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA. Third party web sites which can be accessed via our web site have their own privacy policies, data collection implementations and security measures. We are not responsible for implementations, policies and security measures on web sites of third parties. Before you disclose any personal information, we suggest that you contact those parties for any questions you may have regarding their privacy policies, implementations and security measures. In order to learn how the web sites with the respective links given collect, use and store data, we suggest that you read their privacy agreements and policies.     

Under Aged Users

PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA does not attempt to collect information described as personal from under aged internet users, however it is not always possible to determine the age of visitors accessing and using our web site. In the event of under aged users (as defined by current laws) providing us with their information without the consent of a parent or legal guardian, we kindly ask the parent or legal guardian to contact us in order to remove the respective data and end the subscription of the under aged user to PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA marketing messages.   

Contact Us

Updating your Communication Preferences

In order to update your data, change your communication preferences or if you do not wish to receive further marketing messages from PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA in future, you can contact us by the following options:
Send a letter to the following address:

PRM 360o
Taşlıburun Mevkii Belek Turizm Merkezi
Antalya- Turkey

Guest Relations

Please choose one of the following options to contact PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA Guest Relations:
Papillon Zeugma Hotel
İleribaşı Mevkii - Belek Turizm Merkezi ANTALYA / TURKEY
T. +90 (242) 710 10 00                    F. +90 (242) 710 10 30

Papillon Ayscha Hotel
İleribaşı Mevkii-Belek Turizm Merkezi ANTALYA — TURKEY
T. +90 (242) 710 12 00                    F. +90 (242) 710 12 30

Papillon Belvil Hotel
Taşlıburun Mevkii - Belek Turizm Merkezi ANTALYA / TURKEY
T. +90 (242) 710 09 00                    F. +90 (242) 710 09 30

Data Privacy

If you have any questions or for your comments regarding PAPILLON HOTELS RESORT & SPA data privacy implementations or this privacy agreement, please choose one of the following options to contact us:
Send a letter to the following address:
PRM 360o
Taşlıburun Mevkii Belek Turizm Merkezi
Antalya- Turkey


Updates to the Privacy Agreement

We reserve the right to change the means we collect, forward or process personal or similar other data at any time. Therefore, this privacy agreement is subject to change from time to time in order to reflect the changes made. Updated versions will be published on our web site and the dates will be indicated. Hence, you will be informed about the date of the latest updates of this privacy agreement via our web site.      

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